Monday, 13 January 2014

25 facts about me

Hi guys!
I've been thinking *hahahah* a lot about my blog lately and I realized that it would be fun to do a ''25 facts about me" as a way for you to get to know me better.
Soooo here it goes (in a completely random order)...

 my face is kind of weird here ahaha

  1. To start I am only 166cm (5'4''). Being that height I'm usually the shortest one among all my friends. However I find my height to be ''cute'' *self reassuring* hahaha
  2. Lilies and sunflowers are my favorite f lowers.
  3. I am a complete chocolate addict. ahahah But seriously chocolate is that one thing in the whole wide world that I genuinely can't resist...that and shopping. *shopaholic* *chocolate monster*
  4. Horses and dogs are my favorite animals.
  5. My hobbies are drawing and photography... I would say that I' quite good at both.
  6. When I really like a song, I put it on repeat and play it until it literally stars annoying me.
  7. I'm into both modern and vintage stuff...especially considering my wardrobe and room.
  8. Although I' trying to correct this, I am a really messy and unorganized person. *sight*
  9. When I was about 13 I cut mu hair really short. As expected I hated it so I've been growing it out ever since.  p.s. I am naturally a brunet but my hair is currently dark red. :D
  10. I have a phobia of bugs and all those creepy crawlies.
  11. I hope to live in London one day. *wish*
  12. Italy has been my most favorite place that I've visited so far.
  13. I have 2 pets. One is a parrot called Rolly and a guinea-pig called Lilly.
  14. I love spending time with my friends. I could literally do it for days without separating. 
  15. I am an extremely emotional person...I genuinely cry with every film or even if somebody else is crying I sometimes join them. hahaha
  16. When I'm cold I get crabby and snappy until I defrost.
  17. I've just started this blog and I hope it will be successful.
  18. I love fruit (strawberries are my favorite). Pees and sardines are my least favorite.
  19. I like to bake but I'm horrible at it...I always burn something. *oops*
  20. I love experimenting with make up and clothes. So you will always see me wearing something completely different.
  21. I love to dance.
  22. My favorite actor is Bobby Lockwood. *fan moment*
  23. I have a great love for traveling.
  24. My best friend has been the same girl through my entire life. (seriously for 16 years)
  25. And last but not the least I hope to grow up to be a doctor or some sort of a designer.

Love you the most,

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