Friday, 7 February 2014

Study tips...

Hi guys!
First of all I'd like to apologize for not writing the blog for sooo long. I wasn't feeling inspired by anything and for some reason my creativity was non existent. *sorry :/*

Anyway I don't know how is it at your school but at my school exams are already starting. So I've decided to write about my study habits that might help you. Here we go :D

#1: Find a study space.

Now I know that sitting at my desk makes me not want to study most of the time so I tend to find a substitute study spot. This can be literary any place such as your bed, the floor or even outside. Whatever makes you comfortable. :D
ok I know that this is a desk..

#2: Turn off distractions/Set the mood

When I'm studying I like to be in the zone, so I usually turn off my phone so nothing can bother me. Also I tend to concentrate better with music on therefore when ever I'm studying there will be music involved!

#3: Highlighting!

Of course as I'm so bubbly all the time I find it easier to highlight the important details so I can focus better on them. I genuinely recommend doing this guys as it help sooo much! :3

#4: Take frequent breaks

Whenever I'm studying something I have concentration for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. After that I'm rubbish at remembering or understanding anything. Because of that I take frequent breaks. Something like 10 minutes every one hour and after that I'm as good as new! :D

#5: Snack time :D

Now lets face it I'm always guilty of snacking *oops*, but I've decided to replace the usual like chips with ˝brain foods˝. I either drink a home made milkshake or a fruit salad. <3

#6:Ask for help!

And the final one :D Whenever you're stuck on something don't be afraid to ask for help! You will be surprised how much people are ready and happy to do so.

Love you the most,


  1. Amazing Post ! Good Job ;)
    Kisses <3

  2. this smoothie has gorgeous colors!!!! wow!!! :*