Sunday, 30 March 2014

My sister & ''Frozen''

Hi guys! <3

First of all I just want to say that I'm deeply sorry for not writing for so long. :( It's just I've been super busy and simply had no free time...
And I guess what basically kills me is the fact that I haven't done anything that I like... I've just been completely snowed under with school work *sight*

Anyway, to cut to the chaise... Today was such a great day :D
I finally went to see ''Frozen'' with my sister. And it was amazing! :D
It simply become my favorite film of all times! :D *happiness and laughter*
My sister and I loved it so much: we cried, we laughed, we were just soooo amazed by it :D :D <3
And of course we sung along *hihih* though she has an amazing singing voice when me not so much *hmm*

Another thing that I would like to talk to you about is in fact my sister...
You see we always got along, but we were never this close :D
It makes me unbelievably happy when she calls me to tell me some good news or something nice that has happened to her! *yaaay*
We both related to frozen and I think we even bonded a bit <3

Anja I love you <3!

kisses and hugs xoxo

love Angie <3

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Roomspiration time


How are you all doing? :D  I've been personally feeling a bit creative *yeaaaah* & decided that my room needs a change :3
Sooo this will be an interiors post, a bit different but I hope you'll like it <3
I don't know if you know but I'm really keen on interiors.
I redecorate my room loads...
surely about 4 times in the last 3 years *hihihi*
That's because I get bored & than my creative side takes over.
In my mind I have an idea of how my room should look like but since that isn't the case yet (I'm actually remodeling it currently) I'll show you what has inspired me and what I hope my room will turn out to look like :D *fingers crossed*

Theme colors will be blue, cream, white & pink
My room is also quite small so it needs to lighter & furnished smartly :D

here are some of the images that have been inspiring me.... let's goooo

 As you can see I adore shabby chick & pastel colors :D

Than also wall art is another must for me lately....

I'm kind of crazy about pillows and flowers so I'm definitely going to incorporate the two in my new room design :D


So, this is going to be my little project..
I'm sure it will be a product of both sweat, tears and also smiles :D

Hopefully it won't take too much time *hope*
If you have any tips or tricks that could help me please be free to leave them in the comment section....

Love you all the most
Angie <3