Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tough day...

Hi guys!
So today I had a pretty rough day. I actually woke up feeling great and ready for whatever the day brings, but there was a slight change of that...


You see today was the start of an art class that I've been looking forward for about 4 months. As soon as I woke up I had this amazing feeling, I just couldn't wait for it to begin... *over excitement* hahah  But when  finally arrived there my anxiety started to kick in. Now what's making me very sad is the fact that although  I've always had minor anxiety like forever, in the last couple of months it's getting worse. I don't really know why and what triggers it but what I do know is that it's starting to make me miserable.
Anyway to get back....I barely survived the art class and at the end I even had a little panic attack. :( Bottom line is I won't be going back to the art class as I'm scared of getting another panic attack... :( *sight*
Since I realized today that my anxiety is getting the best of me I've decided to battle with it and hopefully win!

Love you as always,
Angie xoxo <3