Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Someday Summary | Tuesday

Hi guys! 
So it has already been a month into this year, and so far so good. 
Although nothing special has happened, I've just been feeling really positive and happy no matter what. I am genuinely becoming happy with who I am :)

Anyway to cut to the point... I've seen people to summaries of a certain day each week and it has inspired me to do so as well. Now since I won't have a particular day on which I'll post this I am simply gonna call it ''Someday summary''.

I love spending time by the river and today it was almost miraculous. I was feeling quite anxious before that cause of the math test (yeah, that didn't go too well :/) and spending time there, even for only an hour really helped me relax. Lots of laughs and happy thoughts :) That was basically the highlight of my day since I have been feeling poorly in the last few days...
Anyway this was just a small, short summary of my day... you'll be seeing way more of these for sure. 

Lots of love,
Angie xox 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Twenty fifteen :)

Hello guys!
Sooo how are you doing today? I hope you are all amazing <3

Two words.
Twenty Fifteen.
Can I just say: WOOOW
How did the time fly by so fast?
It seems to me as if it was only yesterday that I started this blog at the beginning of 2014... I must say that I am quite taken aback by just how a year flies by in literally a second.
2014. was, for me, filled with a lot of ups and downs. It also brought many, many changes that I am maybe still getting used to... Quite a number of things happened that definitely changed my points of view on some aspects of life & I can 100% say that I am nowhere near the person I was just a year ago.
Although I'm not really sure in what direction I am heading, regarding developing who I am, I can only say that I believe that I like the new me, so to speak. 
I guess that no one knows what this year has in stored for us, but I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one :D

Friday, 21 November 2014

Travel time | Slovenia

Hello guys!
I hope you are all doing well :D 
I know it's been a 'long time no see' and I really am sorry about that... I guess that I just lost my writing inspiration and that it self was making me feel even worse so that explains the lack of posts :(

But never the less I am back and refreshed so let's get going again <3

*The trip*
A couple of days ago I went to Slovenia with my school... This was no ordinary trip tho haha
We spent 5 days there (but the first and last were basically spent in the bus -.-)
anywaaay hahaa back to what I was saying..
We weren't staying in a hotel, nooo... we stayed with some families there. Now these were people our age, but we've never met before hahaha
Before we arrived there I must admit I was a bit worried but as soon as I met the guy I was staying with I relaxed. His name is Tim and he was so cool, chilled and easy to talk to.. it was like we knew each other for years. :D
We had a chance to visit quite a lot for those 5 days which was awesome :D
As well as getting to know the place we were staying in, which is called Skofja Loka, we also saw the very famous Postojna cave, a town on the sea Piran, the lake Bled and the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
It was such a beautiful trip which resulted with new friendships :D
On the morning of the 5th day we were leaving and it was genuinely sad saying goodbye to everyone there... hopefully we'll see each other soon :3
piran...ohh the sea :)

A fountain in Ljubljana

The view tho

Friend times :3

the lake Bled.. mysterious looking 

Fun times :)

Hope you like it :)
Have a lovely weekend,
Love Angie 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

autumn day | bronze smoky eyes

Hello guys!
I think we can all agree that autumn has finally begun :D
Oddly enough I have been really looking forward to fall this year.. don't really know why..
I guess it may be because I'm quite keen on layering clothes and on those autumny colors :D
<3 <3 <3

Anyway to get to the point *drum roll*
I've been inspired by the fall it self so I finally did an autumn look :D
(actually my sister did all the makeup shhh ahhah)

*Rimmel Wake me up foundation (303 true nude)
*Aura Sunkiss bronzing powder (906 Desert sun)
*Maybelline Color tattoo 24HR (35 On and on bronze)
*Aure divine eyes eye shadow (64 cafe au lait)
*S-he eyeliner (in the waterline) (002)
*Essence eyeliner pencil (black)
*Rimmel quad eye shadow (001 smokey noir)
*Essence I<3Extreme volume mascara 
*Maybelline lipstick (620 bare to be bold)

Hope you like it
Love you all 
Angie xox

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Something a little different

Hello guys!
As you may already know I'm the type of person that has the need for something to be happening all the time
*hahahhaah yeah*
Now I consider that a good thing most of the time but there are bad sides to it as well..
And to be honest the worst is when there is nothing going on for some unknown reason.
For example I love to travel and have the need to change my surrounding but unfortunately wasn't able to in quite a while and since I have an urge to change something I just went with my hair. 
My hair is the one thing that usually gets changed when nothing else can.

Here is the finished product of that :D

I quite like it. It was just what I needed, a big difference since I had long hair.
I'm also considering putting some highlights in there as well ;)

let me know what you think <3

love you loads
Angie xox

Monday, 7 July 2014


Evening guys,

Don't really know how to start this but here we go...
So, lately I've been doing a lot of self-exploring and just generally thinking about my whole life. I came to a realization that I'm not too happy with it.. *ooooh*
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not depressed or anything, 
I just feel that I could work harder on making me happy.
To be hones I'm that type of person who always tries to make others happy and puts other peoples needs in front of my own.
That is both good and bad.
And right now it's stopping me from enjoying life.
Therefore I've decided in order to be that happy, positive, happy to help person again I need to work on myself.
I have kind of already started, but the biggest is yet to come.
First I am gonna start with my physical appearance.. I know this sounds a bit shallow  but I'm doing it purely for my self! You see I need to feel comfortable in my own skin.
And also I really want to lead a healthier life :D
On the other hand my psychological state needs to change a bit too. 
I must keep an open mind, stop blaming myself for everything and 
build up confidence pronto *hihihihih* :D <3

I have also realized that I need to do this very carefully because I don't want to lose myself in the process of changing...

Hopefully I will make it as planned :3
Lots of love

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Summer bucket list

Hello guys!

You see, I've always wanted to write a bucket list but just never knew when/where or what to write.
As you know I decided recently to give more attention to things that make me happy and one of those things is this blog <3
And having that in mind I wanted to do a slightly personal post. Therefore I opted for sharing my summer bucket list with you. :D

For me summer starts mid June as unfortunately the first half of June is quite boring because of school.
But as soon as school end the world is oyster (at least until September *hah*)
So lets get started and excited for the months ahead...

At first it was just an empty page with only a little title at the top. I was having trouble with writing anything...
mostly because I believe that the best moments are the unplanned ones, but I dug deep and pulled a couple of  ''hopes'' and wishes out :D

1. Take more photos *say cheese*
I'm very keen on photography and would like to capture some memories so they can last forever <3

2. Travel
My love for traveling is huge... I've definitely got the ''travel bug'', no doubt in that... I wish I had more opportunities to travel, but unfortunately that ain't the case. Hopefully I will find a way to do more of it :**

3. Be happy :D
Sounds odd, I know, but most certainly I don't want to get upset or down about anything this summer :D I'm gonna give my best to always have a smile on my face.

4. Friends
Spend as much as possible time with my friends just building up memories...

5. Go camping!
I have never been camping and I think it is about time I tried it ;)

6. Do more extreme sports
I guess you could call me a bit of an adrenalin junkie *hihihih* I love doing sports that are  tad different and do cause your heart to race... ah how I need that feeling


7. Family
My sister is a person I honestly can't live without, so this summer should be fun :D

8. Work on myself!
I have this idea and a picture in my head of what I should be like and what I think would make me a better person. So this summer I will take every opportunity to evolve me

10. Meet new people
This something I enjoy doing and will do more of *fingers crossed*

11. Blog about it*
This is like an additional task :D I realized that blogging makes me extremely happy and I will put more of an effort into finding time to blog for sure :D <3

Hope you guys liked this post :D
let me know what your bucket list looks like in the comments below

lots of love
Angie <3 xox