Friday, 21 November 2014

Travel time | Slovenia

Hello guys!
I hope you are all doing well :D 
I know it's been a 'long time no see' and I really am sorry about that... I guess that I just lost my writing inspiration and that it self was making me feel even worse so that explains the lack of posts :(

But never the less I am back and refreshed so let's get going again <3

*The trip*
A couple of days ago I went to Slovenia with my school... This was no ordinary trip tho haha
We spent 5 days there (but the first and last were basically spent in the bus -.-)
anywaaay hahaa back to what I was saying..
We weren't staying in a hotel, nooo... we stayed with some families there. Now these were people our age, but we've never met before hahaha
Before we arrived there I must admit I was a bit worried but as soon as I met the guy I was staying with I relaxed. His name is Tim and he was so cool, chilled and easy to talk to.. it was like we knew each other for years. :D
We had a chance to visit quite a lot for those 5 days which was awesome :D
As well as getting to know the place we were staying in, which is called Skofja Loka, we also saw the very famous Postojna cave, a town on the sea Piran, the lake Bled and the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
It was such a beautiful trip which resulted with new friendships :D
On the morning of the 5th day we were leaving and it was genuinely sad saying goodbye to everyone there... hopefully we'll see each other soon :3
piran...ohh the sea :)

A fountain in Ljubljana

The view tho

Friend times :3

the lake Bled.. mysterious looking 

Fun times :)

Hope you like it :)
Have a lovely weekend,
Love Angie 

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