Monday, 7 July 2014


Evening guys,

Don't really know how to start this but here we go...
So, lately I've been doing a lot of self-exploring and just generally thinking about my whole life. I came to a realization that I'm not too happy with it.. *ooooh*
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not depressed or anything, 
I just feel that I could work harder on making me happy.
To be hones I'm that type of person who always tries to make others happy and puts other peoples needs in front of my own.
That is both good and bad.
And right now it's stopping me from enjoying life.
Therefore I've decided in order to be that happy, positive, happy to help person again I need to work on myself.
I have kind of already started, but the biggest is yet to come.
First I am gonna start with my physical appearance.. I know this sounds a bit shallow  but I'm doing it purely for my self! You see I need to feel comfortable in my own skin.
And also I really want to lead a healthier life :D
On the other hand my psychological state needs to change a bit too. 
I must keep an open mind, stop blaming myself for everything and 
build up confidence pronto *hihihihih* :D <3

I have also realized that I need to do this very carefully because I don't want to lose myself in the process of changing...

Hopefully I will make it as planned :3
Lots of love

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