Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Something a little different

Hello guys!
As you may already know I'm the type of person that has the need for something to be happening all the time
*hahahhaah yeah*
Now I consider that a good thing most of the time but there are bad sides to it as well..
And to be honest the worst is when there is nothing going on for some unknown reason.
For example I love to travel and have the need to change my surrounding but unfortunately wasn't able to in quite a while and since I have an urge to change something I just went with my hair. 
My hair is the one thing that usually gets changed when nothing else can.

Here is the finished product of that :D

I quite like it. It was just what I needed, a big difference since I had long hair.
I'm also considering putting some highlights in there as well ;)

let me know what you think <3

love you loads
Angie xox

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