Thursday, 5 June 2014


Hello guys! :D
Soo, we are coming towards the end of May... *time flies by*
and basically it's mid-year time :D but for me it's kind off like the beggining
I was going trough some of my stuff 
a bit of a spring/summer cleaning :3
when I came across a list of thing I was planing on doing this year.
And I was absolutely disappointed with the fact that I didn't make much of an effort to do any of that...

which is why I decided to put more of an effort into making my goals and my self a better person.
It definitely won't be easy but I will give it my best go :D

this is kind off a motto going trough this blog post and in my life from now on..

I've already stared working on keeping my cool..
Not letting other, completely irrelevant people get to you makes a difference :D
I found that I enjoy my day muck better without stressing over others 
Another thing that I'm trying to embrace is not to get agitated about thing I can't change.
I now tend to go more with the flow, rather than against it :D

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