Monday, 19 May 2014

London.. I feel in love

Hi guys!

OK, so I know it has been a while since I last posted anything....
Ant trust me I myself am not sure just how is it possible that that much time passed by but what can I tell you, shit just happened... :/
My blog and I have a kind of a love/hate relationship and sometimes writing me somehow kills me :o
Sounds stupid I know... but it's very true... </3

As you probably guessed it so far it has not made me happy to write it....and than that made me sad..
So I return fresh and ready to write again
Hopefully, this time with no ''breaks'' like this one :D *fingers crossed* <3

Anyway after this short apology intro I would like to cut to the case! *dun Dun DUN* hahaha

Recently I've been having this weird feeling in my gut..:/
I don't know how to really explain it but I will give it a go  :D
You see I live in Belgrade (which is the capital of Serbia). It's my home and I love *ans I always will*, but something weird has been happenin'. I constantly feel as if I kind of don't belong here... 
What I am trying to say is that I think that I would fit in better somewhere else... And by that *mind translator ahahah* I mean London.
I have never actually been there but from all the pictures, videos,books and God knows what else I feel that that's my kind of city...
So I basically fell in love with a city I've never been in! 
Crazy much? Yeah I am aware...

And so sometimes I spend my days daydreaming about what would life in London look like and so on....
There is just that part of me that know how that daydreaming is useless but I just can't help it... it makes me feel a little bit better :/ <3
Ok I went a tad on the sad side... But I just had a need to share my feeling with you guys <3
hopefully you can understand my craziness *grin and a smirk*

hope you guys enjoyed reading
a slightly more serious post

Love you the most <3 <3 
Angie xoxo

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