Tuesday, 8 April 2014

March favorites

Hello guys!
Sooo I basically can't believe that march is over. It literally flew by...
Since march is over I've decided to do a ''March favorites'' blog post just so you can see what I've been lovin' recently. <3 Lets get started :D *yaaay*

these are my beauty favorites and musts :D 
I'd highly recommend them to everyone.
Definitely wort spending money on them, plus they are all drug-store make-up item which makes then not so expensive and totally affordable ;)

Now here are some of my favorite clothing items :D

I also have some food favorites :3

I've been crazy about salads of any kind :D and as tee goes I really enjoy drinking Milfords' Snow waltz (it tastes like oranges and rum :3)

Favorite songs:
  • One Direction-Diana
  • Ed Sheeran-Grade 8

Hope you enjoyed this post!
I would love to see what you loved during march, so leave me a comment below :D

Love, Angie


  1. Great items! Love your favourites. I might read Hunger games books one day, I've only seen the movies :)
    p.s. Pošto ne znam, da li mogu da pišem na srpskom, pa pišem na engleski. Izvini unapred :) Pratim nazad, preko g+ i bloglovin-a. xx Maja


    1. hvalaaa :D
      moze na srpskom, lepo je da sretnem nekog ''svog'' ovde :D <3

  2. Thanks for the makeup tips girls! I am always in need of major makeup help. Maybe you could step in and help me with a makeup shoot on my blog or do a diy video with me at somepoint! Kepe it up girl! I'm about to check your insta!